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Dame Time.

Shoe Launch Campaign






Graphic Design | Photography | Ad

This project was done as a conceptual case study and did not involve the Adidas® brand, its team members, or Damian Lillard. All logos, images, layouts, and ideas were created for demonstration purposes only.


Damian Lillard is a brand by himself. With signature game-winners and deep loyalty to his team and his craft, Dame is a rare breed. His signature shoe line by Adidas® is no different. The Dame 6's bring performance and style. Here's how we imagined the drop of his next shoe.

The Objectives.

We wanted to create something as electric as Dame himself. His iconic wave goodbye to his opponent after a legendary playoff

series-winning shot was bold, and the launch of the shoe had to be just that. That moment would become the soul of this shoe drop. With loud colors, gritty design, and nods to "Dame Dolla" himself, we set out to create deliverables as memorable as the man who inspired them.

The Plan.

We took a look at every single shoe in his line up until this one. After our usual brand audit of Adidas® and Lillard's line, we wanted to target the community directly. We set out to design ad spreads for popular sports magazine and digital publications. We came up with a logo unique to the Dame 6's, and supported the launch with strategically placed graphic installations that echoed the main campaign. 

3d logo-01-01.png

Dynamic logo design

and variations

line logo-01-01.png

What Time Is It?

With his ability to take over the game at any time, Damian Lillard points to his wrist. It's Dame Time. This display of confidence has become his signature. Brands don't just sell products, they must sell a lifestyle. Yes, the shoe is comfortable; yes, the shoe is supportive...but, what does it say about those who wear it? The Dame 6 is for those with a killer-instinct, for those who outwork the competition, and for those hate to lose. We didn't want to design for a product, we wanted to design for the people. 

Graphic design for print and digital, combined with supporting urban installations.

shoe graphic-01.png
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