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What's the point of

being seen, if you won't be remembered?

Whether it's design, photography, video, strategy, e-commerce, or socia media...

we make sure your brand is not just seen, but remembered. 


Obsessively committed to pushing ideas to their full potential through creative strategy, refined design, and collaboration. We don't just deliver assets to clients, we add value. 


Taming the intangible through emotive art and a relentless pursuit of true creativity. With each project and partnership we drive toward a world in which artwork serves as the vehicle for human meaning and growth. 

How it all started.


12 Years


Beer Money.

Like all good startup stories, it began in a garage. In 2010 the founder got his first gig shooting product images for a local amenities manufacturer. So began the side hustle for some extra beer money. 

The Journey.

It all went up from there. Thanks to years of great experience working for retail brands and a couple awesome mentors, we officially launched in 2015 under a former name. Bringing a wide variety of retail brand experience from past roles, PixelNinjaz leadership has evolved into a versatile group of talent and raw creativity.


Alex Voge


An idea guy at heart, Alex has always wanted to explore new projects, products, and relationships. From brainstorming sessions to ideation sketches and doodles, it's all about the passion. After learning the ropes, he founded PixelNinjaz to bring great ideas to life. 

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