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A New Energy.

Product Concept






Packaging | Messaging | App Design

This project was done as a conceptual case study and did not involve the Celsius® brand or its team members. All logos and design elements are the property of the Celcius® brand and were used for discussion purposes only.

Celcius Can Mock-web.png

Celsius is an emerging brand in the food and beverage sector. Promoting fitness and an active lifestyle through their range of health conscious energy drinks and powders, the brand is growing in all directions. Chewing gum could be their next step in their growth. 

The Objectives.

We wanted to help Celsius grow their line of energy products. With multiple flavors and variations of their drinks and powders, we wanted to extend their brand values into a new offering; energy chewing gum. 

The Plan.

After careful consideration of marketing goals, we developed new messaging resulting in a tagline aimed at a wider audience. While staying true to their brand pillars, we targeted the average consumer while employing the same brand assets formerly used to target athletes. Execution of new packaging and their retail rewards program was a great way to bring this concept to life. 

Gum Mock - angled.png

On brand messaging

for a new audience.

Celcius Tagline-05.png
Gum Mock - back.png
Gum Mock.png
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